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General FAQ

What areas do you cover?

Uber Cleaner services many suburbs throughout Melbourne. As more cleaners register with Uber Cleaner, the Uber Cleaner service area continues to grow. Please call 1300 UBERME (1300 823 763) to see if there are Uber Cleaners available in your area.

How does the Short Notice/Same Day Cleaning work?

This on demand service is a premium charged service. Please call 1300 UBERME (1300 823 763) to see if we have any availabilities for short notice cleaning in your area (subject to availability)

How do I make a booking?

Bookings can be made online. A sales representative will then call you to complete the booking. Otherwise you can call 1300 UBERME (1300 823 763) and make a booking over the phone.

Are Uber Cleaners insured?

Every Uber Cleaner is fully insured for Public and Product Liability and are Police Checked.

Can I buy cleaning products off Uber Cleaner?

Very soon… Uber Cleaner has developed & trialled an eco-friendly range of cleaning products which will soon be available for purchase & delivered to your door.

To find out more about the Uber Cleaner Eco-Friendly product range, please contact the Uber Cleaner Customer Service Team on 1300 UBERME (1300 823 763).

Do I need to supply any cleaning products and equipment?

Yes, we recommend that you supply your own cleaning equipment and products for our regular cleaning services. Customers tend to have their own preferences in what products they like to use and for hygienic reasons we believe this is best practice. It also allows Uber Cleaner to give you a more affordable clean.

For a list on what products and equipment to provide the cleaner

For One Off/Spring Cleaning & End of Lease Cleaning, our cleaners will bring all the cleaning products and equipment necessary.

Uber Cleaner will be soon stocking a range of Eco-Friendly products for purchase. Trialed and tested, this product range will makes cleaning much more efficient with outstanding, lasting results. So Stay Tuned!!

To find out more about the Uber Cleaner Eco-Friendly product range, please contact the Uber Cleaner Customer Service Team on 1300 UBERME (1300 823 763).

How is Uber Cleaner different from other cleaning companies?

The Uber Cleaner owners have over 17 years of experience & have become leaders in Melbourne’s domestic cleaning industry from commercial to high end cleaning of domestic homes. They understand the ins and outs of cleaning a home and have managed many cleaners throughout these years, so they understand what it’s like out there.

They simply wanted to bring back hassle free cleaning, that gives you choice and freedom on how long and what tasks you want completed on your cleaning day. The owners carefully screen & interview every Independent professional cleaner to ensure they meet the criteria before becoming registered with Uber Cleaner.

The owners believe that keeping in touch with their customer is important to ensure they are happy and the cleaners don’t become complacent.

Uber Cleaner is about a competitive priced, hassle free clean with professional, experienced cleaners and an exceptional Customer Service Team to back it up.

Booking & Payment FAQ

What if I need to cancel a service?

You can cancel scheduled cleaning as long as 3 days prior notice is given. A 50% charge for the clean will be taken from your credit card if the job is cancelled within 48 hours and a 100% charge of the clean will be taken if the job is cancelled within 24 hours of the clean taking place.

What if I need a receipt?

Please advise the Uber Customer Service Rep at the time of booking

What are the payment options?

For all cleaning, the customer must pay the cleaner directly by Cash or Bank Transfer Only.

For Spring Cleaning, End of Lease Cleaning, One Off & Same Day Cleaning, to secure the booking we take your Credit Card details. No payment will be taken out unless outside of the cancellation periods.

You must advise the Uber Cleaner Customer Service Rep your preferred payment option so they can advise the cleaner.

For End of Lease Cleans, your cleaner will provide a receipt.

I want to book in a regular clean with the same cleaner. How do I do that?

All booking must go through the Uber Cleaner Customer Service Team. We will co-ordinate with the cleaner your preferred day and time.

Service FAQ

What days and hours do the cleaners work?

The beauty about working with Uber Cleaner is the flexibility the job has to offer. Some cleaners choose to work 7 days while others only 2 days. Some cleaners choose to work public holidays and weekends while other may not. Please note that on Sundays and Public Holidays a premium rate will be charged. Please contact 1300 UBERME (1300 823 763) for rates.

What are your office hours?

Our office is opened from 8.30am-5.30pm Mon-Fri for all enquiries.

What if I am unhappy with the job completed?

Our Uber Cleaners are human and at times, although they give it their all, may make mistakes but we guarantee nothing less than a flawless resolution to fix the issue.

Something of a small nature, we encourage customers to speak directly to the Uber Cleaner however if you are not satisfied, feel free to contact Uber Cleaner’s customer service on 1300 UBERME (1300 823 763) & we will do what we can to assist with the matter.

Uber Cleaner offers a 100% happiness guarantee on all cleaning work. As a client, if you are not happy with the work carried out, your Uber Cleaners will be sent back to take care of the problem.

How do you gain access into my home?

There are a few different options on how we can gain access into your home. Please note that it is up to the discretion of you, the client, on how you would like us to enter your home. We encourage all clients to choose a method that they are most comfortable with.

1. Garage Code or Door code – Whether it be a door code or a garage code you can inform your Uber Cleaner Customer Service Representative that you would like the Uber Cleaner(s) to enter your home by providing a door code.

2. Hidden Key – You may also choose to hide a key on your property. Please do inform the Uber Cleaner Customer Service Representative on where the Uber Cleaner(s) will find your key and where you would like the key to be placed when leaving your appointment.

3. Knock or Ring the Doorbell – You will be home! Great! We can let the Uber Cleaner(s) know that you will be home to let them inside.

Do I need to be home for the clean? Should I leave, or should I stay?

You are not required to be home for a scheduled appointment. Depending upon your comfort, you can choose to be home during an appointment, choose to come and go or to not be home at all! Our Uber Cleaners are prepared for all scenarios and are comfortable working with or without clients in their homes during appointments.

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